Yeovil Town ball boys dismissed by referee during Bromley match

Featured in the Raumdeuter Online Magazine – Edition #3

Gamesmanship is just another part of football that has become commonplace. Suddenly, as matches head towards the latter stages, the players of one side might seem suddenly sluggish and in no desperate rush to take throw-ins and set plays.

However, at Huish Park, it seemed not only the players wanted to get involved. Just to keep the game going, referee Aaron Jackson had to in effect brandish eight red cards.

Now, under normal circumstances, eight red cards might well lead to a match being on the brink of abandonment, yet the contest between Yeovil Town and Bromley in fact ended with a fair number of players on the pitch.

That was because the dismissals were in fact towards the Yeovil Town ball boys, who referee Jackson deemed were hindering rather than helping the action on the field.

Reportedly after one ball boy had pulled a little trick in delaying giving the ball back to Bromley’s Sam Wood, Jackson issued a stern warning.

When the same trick was repeated by the ball boy shortly after, the referee ordered all of the ball boys removed, having a steward gather them and lead them away down the tunnel.

With around 10 minutes left to go in the contest, Yeovil continued to see out a 3-1 win over Bromley.

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