FTB: Why latest Newcastle United takeover saga offers little to be excited about

Featured in the Raumdeuter Online Magazine – Edition #2

The prospect of Newcastle United being taken over by new ownership and finally expelling Mike Ashley from St. James’ Park is a thought that excites any Magpies supporter. Yet, news of a new potential takeover involving familiar face Peter Kenyon and American outfit GACP Sports offers little to excite the Geordie faithful.

The reason for that is the emergence of this supposed fresh interest is almost laughably formulaic and predictable in its timing. Every year for the past three seasons now, a new takeover seems to emerge around the beginnings of October.

We’ve had Amanda Staveley, we’ve had Kenyon himself before and we had the whole situation involving the Bin Zayed Group. All sounded positive in the early stages, with talk of revitalising the club and getting it back to where it belonged among England’s upper echelons whetting Tyneside appetites.

However, none ever materialised. Just as quickly as they emerged, so too did the doubts and the issues.

Usually around available funds, these takeover bids rumble on week after week, distracting fans from the struggles on the pitch with desperation and hope of a solution off it. Empty promises and nice words are banded about, but ultimately little tangible positivity ever emerges. Eventually the bid stumbles into obscurity and ceases to exist, right up until the next one emerges that following October.

It’s a pattern now, so obvious and ridiculous, with the clear objective being to try and drum up actual interest and action by creating the appearance of competition. If people look like they’re interested in buying the club, and a deal set to soon occur, then any buyers truly interested would then logically step up their own interest.

The financial problems just ensure that a deal looks set to be able to be hijacked. Have the fake bids look too convincing and you risk scaring these potential real investors away, but look too flimsy and you lose the desired effect.

Truthfully, that is all the latest Kenyon deal seems set to be as well. It’s a nicely produced brochure designed to make it appear that the club has significant interest in it, with notable names in Bordeaux-owning GACP Sports involved purely to boost the bid’s legitimacy given Kenyon’s previous failed attempts.

Nothing will come of it, and once again Newcastle supporters will reach the January transfer window with Ashley in charge.

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