Wycombe Wanderers’ Joe Jacobson writes himself into football trivia with hat-trick

Featured in the Raumdeuter Online Magazine – Edition #14

Scoring a hat-trick is an impressive accomplishment for any player. As a defender, a position not commonly gifted with goals, it’s even more memorable of an achievement.

Yet, Wycombe Wanderers full back Joe Jacobson wasn’t quite content with just that, going one better in his side’s win over Lincoln. The 32-year-old managed to score arguably the most memorable hat-trick possibly to ever grace a football pitch – certainly one that will be entrenched into footballing trivia for years to come. A hat-trick scored entirely from set pieces.

Now, initially that doesn’t sound too impressive. For all intents and purposes, that could just mean the experienced Welshman dispatched three penalties.

Except the 32-year-old didn’t. In fact, not a single one of his goals came from the penalty spot. Instead, they read like something more akin to fiction rather than fact: direct free-kick, direct from a corner, direct from a corner again.

Scoring twice directly from a corner begs belief in itself, though his exploits weren’t just pot luck or some wind-assisted skulduggery either. The Wycombe defender has history, having scored twice directly from corners last season too.

Having already opened the scoring from a whipped 20- yard free kick into the bottom corner, he watched as his low, inswinging corner went in via Lincoln defender Michael Bostwick on the line. A third came when a floated corner sailed over opposition goalkeeper Josh Vickers’ head, dropping inside the far post.

However, just to add a little bit more drama to the whole affair, Jacobson wasn’t aware of his hat-trick during the game. Nobody was. Instead, it took some 48 hours to be declared, courtesy of the Dubious Goals Panel, who saw sense and overruled that Bostwick involvement – which had initially been given as a

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