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England draw Spain, Croatia in UEFA Nations League

England have been drawn together with Spain and Croatia in League A, in the inaugural UEFA Nations League draw.

Of the other home nations, Wales were drawn alongside the Republic of Ireland and Denmark in League B, while Northern Ireland were grouped with Austria and Bosnia & Herzegovina in the same league.

Scotland were drawn in League C alongside Albania and Israel.

The premise behind the Nations League is add a further competitive international competition in the years without a World Cup or European Championship.

The 55 European nations are arranged into four tiers based on their ranking – the top 12, the next 12, etc. – with each tier split into four leagues of three or four teams.

England are in the top tier – League A. Wales, Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland are in the second tier and Scotland in the third.

The sides in each group will play home and away in a 10-week period between September and November of this year, with the team finishing top of each section being promoted to a higher tier and the nation finishing bottom dropping down one.

In a final flourish, the four nations who win the groups in the top tier will advance to a knockout finals next June to decide the Nations League winner.

The draw took place in Lausanne, Switzerland,

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